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WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama’s honeymoon period has probably finished, since two new surveys suggested that the Americans are gravely concern over his policy.

A poll jointly conducted by news two publications here showed that the US President’s popularity went down from 61% in April to 56%. Furthermore, the majority of the respondents (58%) want more changes capable of trimming the deficit, even if it may take longer for the recovery of the US economy.

Seven in Ten Wary of His Interventions in Economy

Almost 70% of those surveyed said they were concerned over the federal government’s intervention in economy, healthcare and social security and Obama’s rescue of General Motors.

The poll found that just 37%t of Americans thought Obama had taken on too many issues, while 60% said he was fighting on many fronts because the country faced many pressing problems.

In the meantime, the Republicans’ popularity has received a heavy blow, since only 28% of the people gave them a positive rating.

Both polls demonstrated the majority’s opposition to Obama’s decision to shut down the Guantanamo detention centre for suspected terrorists.

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