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Love is the gentle touch with a hint of passion and a soft sprinkle of
Love is trust.

Love is holding hands ever so gently under the moon light
Love is trust

Love is steering so intently into your lover eyes with the feeling that,
this is so right.
Love is a sweet walk in the park with that special someone.
Love is pain, pleasure and everything nice
Love is trust.

Love is loving and caring for you in a very special way.
Love is remembering the simple and special things we do and say.
Love is remembering how sweet you are and wishing you

Caressing my mind with the words he said
Now he left me
He’s far away
I know what you’re thinking
He was no good anyway
But he touched my heart
He also touched my soul
No one was ever so special
with a heart made of sold gold
I think of him a lot
He’s usually on my mind
But things didn’t go right for us
I guess you have to leave the past behind
What would we be doing right now??
Would this poem ever come to be??
Why am I sitting here with him on my mind
When he’s not thinking of me
Tears flow down my face
like water on a windowpane
I try to act normal
But I think I’m going insane
He doesn’t mind this sadness
He cares no more
Wouldn’t it be great right now
To see his face at my door
The love I would give him
The embrace of my arms
Would make him resist all temptation
of persuading me with his manly charm
I would see his smile
Look into his eyes
Let him embrace me also
the body never lies
He would tell me how he missed me
and if he could only turn back time
He would never have left me for that other girl
and he would always be mine
Then he would kiss my lips
as soft and gentle as the rose
Tell me all the sweet things I like to hear
And only he knows those
But his smile I can not see
And he’s not standing at my door
He may not love me
But I love him
And that’s for sure

I have learned to smile now
Because of  Z
He truly loves me
And the reason that I smile again
He can make me laugh
He is an amazing guy
One that I can love
I cant believe so many girls have passed him buy
But he is all mine
Girls it is too late
I love him so much
Meeting him was fate
We can talking about everything
He has my heart
He has put me back together
Every single broken part
We talk for hours on end
I have even fallen asleep to his voice
I don’t think I could have found love like this
Not even by choice
Saying I love you
Just seems 100% right
I cant wait till he can hold me
Can keep me warn at night
So I am going to say this
I am falling in love with you Z
I never thought that I could
But you have showed me that I can love again

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