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The lashkar comprising the local tribesmen narrowed the noose around the extremists in Upper Dir and took control of the Shotkas, sources said Monday.

There are reports that at least 13 extremists have been killed in gunship helicopters bombardment at the hideouts in Doogdarra.

According to sources, the lashkar comprising thousand of volunteers from the local tribes have taken in their cordon the 300 extremists.

The lashkar sealed the roads linking Swat to Upper Dir and now making advance towards other areas.

The number of extremists killed in the area rose to 29.

The locals rose in protest against the militants on the suicide attack at the Jamia Mosque in Upper Dir area of Hayagai Sharqi.

Both the sides are employing modern and heavy weapons.

UPPER DIR: The tribal lashkar comprising the locals killed at least 13 extremists including foreigners in Upper Dir, Geo News reported Sunday.

Also, several hideouts of extremists have been destroyed.

According to sources, the people in Darra Kot area, the local residents earlier gave deadline to the foreigners to leave the area; on the lapse of deadline, people took the action.

Earlier, in clash with tribals, four extremists including a militant commander have been killed in Taimergarah.

In another operation, the tribes also set on fire five houses of the extremists.

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